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You are Invited to Granbury’s Newest Church!

 You are Invited to
 Granbury’s Newest Church!

Abundant Life Church Granbury is composed of imperfect people who are devoted to a perfect Savior

 We are a new nondenominational church in Granbury that calls people to be fully devoted followers of Jesus.

We are a church where:

·        Members passionately, whole-heartedly, graciously pursue full devotion to Jesus
·        Those who are hurting can easily connect with life-changing community
·        Everyone has access to teaching that transforms
·        Authentic, caring people who are actively discovering, developing and deploying their spiritual gifts to serve God’s people and the lost
·        A warm and friendly place to meet new friends in Granbury and Hood County

Many people have asked why we are called Abundant Life Community Church.

The “abundant life” is what Jesus revealed He came to give His people (John 10:10). We seek a full, joy-filled life that’s connected to Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit to glorify God the Father.

It is a symbol of wholeness, wellness, joy, and love. It lets people know they can find God and all His goodness in Granbury Texas.  We want to be authentic people who are known for our love for Jesus as well as integrity and sincerity of heart. We want to serve Christ together by creating an environment that allows others to be who they are, as they are and then grow into the image of Jesus Christ. When people know us well, we want them to say "there is a group of people with a sincere faith and an authentic relationship with each other and Christ—the Lord Jesus is their priority." We believe that people are drawn to Jesus as we follow Him and love each other.

Abundant Life is a nondenominational church in Granbury that loves children and babies

Abundant Life Granbury offers:

·        Sunday 11 am & 6 pm and Wed. 7:00 pm Services.
·        Free Bible School for ministry training
·        Free Family, Individual, and Marriage Counseling
·        Food pantry
·        Evangelism in the marketplace weekly
·        And much more!

The continual presence of God’s fullness in His Word and Spirit leaves a mark long after people exit the church building. We hope you will join us as we seek to make a lasting impression for Christ in Granbury and in the world.

Lead pastor, Mike Robinson has authored over 30 books including best-seller God's Not Dead! 
Find out more about what we believe—our vision and our values—check out our Facebook page and our website.
Sunday 11:00 AM
113 N. Cleburne Granbury TX 76048 across from Granbury beach



  1. You are invited this Sunday 11 AM and 6 PM. Wed 7 PM. Granbury's new exciting Church at 113 Cleburne St. across from Granbury Beach behind Accents Furniture Store.

  2. Nondenominational Church in Granbury Texas - You are Invited! 11:00 AM and 6 PM at 113 Cleburne St. across from Granbury Beach


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