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April 1, 2018

Easter service in Granbury
You and your family are invited to Easter service in Granbury
Located at 524 n. Crockett St. right off the Granbury Square.

Looking for a great Easter 2018 Sunday church service in Granbury?
Looking for a friendly place to celebrate Easter and Jesus’ resurrection with the whole family? Join us Easter Sunday April 1 as Abundant Life Community Church celebrates Two (2) Easter church services at 11:00 am.

Come with your kids to our Easter worship services and afterwards enjoy Easter activities with pics and lots of food and goodies.

Easter in Granbury church service
Come and experience the Joy of Easter in Granbury
Here is our location:

524 Crockett St. right off Granbury Square


  1. Easter nondenominational Church Service in Granbury Texas. 113 Cleburne ST. across from Granbury Beach right past the Square. 682-498-3031. Come as you are 11 AM and 6 PM. March 27.

    1. New Adress is 524 n. Crockett St. Granbury TX -- right of Granbury Square


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