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Abundant Life Community Church Granbury - Beliefs

Abundant Life Community Church

These are the core values that represent what we believe about our Church, and ourselves. They represent how we will interact with each other to accomplish the Mission Statement and Visionary Goals.

 Sunday 11:00 AM and 6 PM. Wed. 7 PM 524 n. Crockett St., just off the
Granbury Square right next to the US Post Office.

 Our Core Beliefs

1.    We believe the Bible to be our final authority for faith and practice.

2.    We believe service to Jesus merits excellence in everything we aim to do.

3.    We believe both corporate and individual encounters with God are vital.

4.    We believe all people have worth and value to God, and therefore we value everyone.

5.    We believe in the development of our God-given gifts and talents for service to Jesus.

6.    We believe the family is God’s primary unit for ministry, and therefore, the family should be nurtured.

7.    We believe in manifesting the love and grace of Christ in practical ways; in the community and throughout the world. We evangelize and we feed the hungry through our Food Bank.

8.    We believe that it is God’s will that every believer grow to maturity in Christ.

9.    We believe in practicing wise stewardship of God’s resources.

10.  We believe that God has called us to be a people of prayer.

11.  We believe in encouraging a prayer-guided faith that is willing to take bold risks.

12.  We believe that leaders are accountable first to God, and then to the people they serve.

13.  We believe God honors a spirit of humility, integrity, and Christ-like character in all areas of service.


We exist to evangelize the lost, edify the saved, minister to the needs of others, and be a conscience in the community.


How we will go about accomplishing the Mission Statement
over the next three to five years.

 Sunday 11:00 AM and 6 PM. Wed. 7 PM
524 n. Crockett St., just off the
Granbury Square right next to the US Post Office.


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