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Christmas Eve Candlelight Church Service - You and Your Famil are Welcome!

You and Your Whole Family are Invited to Granbury Christmas Eve Candlelight Church Service

Nondenominational Church Candlelight Service Granbury tx
Nondenominational Church Candlelight Service Granbury

Abundant Life Community Church in Granbury invites you and your family to Christmas Eve Candle Light Service Saturday 6:00 PM. The whole Granbury community is invited to enjoy a warm and welcoming Christmas Eve Service! Music, Food, Kids, Friends, and a Christ-centered service for people of all ages. 524 Crockett St. (next to the US Post Office) Granbury TX 76048. 682-498-3031.

ALCC invites you to join the congregation for a meaningful Christmas Eve at Abundant Life Community Church. This is an annual experience for your whole family to enjoy, with fun creative elements, great music, "Silent Night" by candlelight and a message of the good tidings of great joy found in Jesus. Our Christmas Eve service time is: Saturday, December 24: 6:00 p.m. and Sunday 11 AM Christmas Day. Abundant Life Granbury is a new non-denominational church for people of all ages—Come and celebrate the joy of Christmas.

ALCC is a non-denominational fellowship led by Pastor Mike Robinson—offices and bookstore are located at 524 Crockett St., Granbury (Services: Sunday 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM–next to Post Office). The services are fresh and exciting because they are filled with uplifting music and warm fellowship. 

Church Candlelight Service Granbury
524 Crockett St. - Granbury Christmas Eve Service

Pastor Robinson is the author of over 30 books on the Bible, apologetics, theology, philosophy, cults, ethics, and Islam—many include Amazon best sellers. But here, in the church, is the heart of Robinson’s life and ministry: It’s where believers of all backgrounds gather to love God and minister to the community. Robinson stresses that “Abundant Life is passionately Jesus-centered.” Many people comment that you hear the best sermons in Granbury at Abundant Life.


  1. 524 Crockett St. next to the US Post Office - 6 pm Saturday Christmas Eve. 11 am Sunday Christmas Day. Nondenominational Church Candlelight Service Granbury


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